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Dot the Monster Productions provides Digital and Social Media Marketing Services in Breckenridge, MN, Wahpeton, ND, and surrounding.

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meet hayley

meet hayley

Hello Friend!

Hayley Bouressa has a career history in Music Education beginning in 2015. After leaving the classroom in 2022, she had to completely reevaluate her core identity (she is still working on that!). Hayley believes that creative people have the power to communicate "humanness" to the world. She finds joy in taking in and disseminating information. It's her way of making an impact. As she is discovering who she is, she is playing in a space where she can help others communicate themselves to the world as well.

Hayley has a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and holds an active license in both Instrumental and Vocal Classroom Education. She gives voice and piano lessons out of her home, writes poetry, has podcast aspirations, is building her graphic design portfolio, and is currently taking clients for social media marketing.

Hayley loves a good creative project. You can send requests to

Hayley Bouressa Downtown Breckenridge

So where does the name Dot the Monster come from? Hayley and her sister had a particularly indelible female cat during their childhood who was affectionately nicknamed so. Dot the Monster is now an homage to those who are both endearing and fierce. The logo is a turtle of sorts because of the cat's fondness for a stuffed toy. The dinosaur and unicorn elements, as well as pink and purple, are for Hayley's two daughters and their wonderfully unique personalities.

digital marketing

digital marketing

Currently taking clients for...

Facebook and Instagram page management
Content creation
Creative marketing designs, various materials
Website design, proofreading, updates, newsletter

Hayley Bouressa Marketing Liaison

Hey, Hayley made this video.

Made for Farm City Supply in Breckenridge, MN:


It certainly is the most wonderful time of the year! ☃️❄️❄️


We're ready to help you with your list, whether that's preparing your house 🏠 or the space under your Christmas tree🎄🎁🎁, stop on in to @FarmCitySupply. 📜✔️


Video credit @dotthemonsterproductions

Music credit "Christmas Celebration" by Johnathon M. Horner used with permission via FMA.


#shoplocal #shopsmall #christmas #christmasshopping #holidayshopping #farmcitysupply #breckenridgechamber #breckenridgemn #stockingstuffers #midwest

She also took these photos and/or made these custom graphics.

Bagg Bonanza Farm Get Ready Room
Murph Boy
Andy Bouressa HVAC Advisor LLC
Bagg Bonanza Brand Kit
Rise Studio Massage Room
Northern Zen Business Card
Miller Realty Website Banner Photograph
Northern Zen Facebook Post
J.V. Bulk Pick Up Logo Google Business Profile Photo
HVAC Advisor LLC Logo
Pupcakes Price List
Gallery on the Go Logo
HVAC Advisor Promo Photo1
Northern Zen Facebook Post Buddha Hours

So what's the reason for Hayley's interest in marketing? Hayley is drawn to creative endeavors. She loves to hear and tell stories that form connections; it's the basis of her first choice of career in Music Education. She also enjoys providing a service where one is needed. All of these interests combined has put her on a very exciting path toward social media and other digital marketing.

original music

original music


Who We Are


Online ordering is under construction.

In the meantime, you can email orders.

Bed in Summer


Online ordering is under construction.

In the meantime, you can email orders.


Library expansion coming soon!

So what kind of music can Hayley write? She can compose or arrange for any instrument and can perform/record piano and voice. She wants to learn more about music production software but hasn't had a reason to, yet. She tends to listen to and take from folk, pop, and rock influences--though she has some experience in most genres--and her most favorite songs are both sad and loud. Her original lyrics tend to describe stories rather than leaning on imagery or metaphor.


Dot the Monster Podcast Coming Soon
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