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Hello Friend!

Hayley Bouressa has a career history in Music Education beginning in 2015. After leaving the classroom in 2022, she had to completely reevaluate her core identity (she is still working on that!). Hayley believes that creative people have the power to communicate "humanness" to the world. She finds joy in taking in and disseminating information. It's her way of making an impact. As she is discovering who she is, she is playing in a space where she can help others communicate themselves to the world as well.

Hayley has a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and holds an active license in both Instrumental and Vocal Classroom Education. She gives voice and piano lessons out of her home, writes poetry, has podcast aspirations, is building her graphic design portfolio, and is currently taking clients for social media marketing.

Hayley loves a good creative project. You can send requests to


So where does the name Dot the Monster come from? Hayley and her sister had a particularly indelible female cat during their childhood who was affectionately nicknamed so. Dot the Monster is now an homage to those who are both endearing and fierce. The logo is a turtle of sorts because of the cat's fondness for a stuffed toy. The dinosaur and unicorn elements, as well as pink and purple, are for Hayley's two daughters and their wonderfully unique personalities.

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