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Facebook and Instagram page management
Content Creation
Creative Marketing designs, various materials
Website design, proofreading, updates, newsletter

Made for Farm City Supply in Breckenridge, MN:


It certainly is the most wonderful time of the year! ☃️❄️❄️


We're ready to help you with your list, whether that's preparing your house 🏠 or the space under your Christmas tree🎄🎁🎁, stop on in to @FarmCitySupply. 📜✔️


Video credit @dotthemonsterproductions

Music credit "Christmas Celebration" by Johnathon M. Horner used with permission via FMA.


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So what's the reason for Hayley's interest in this area? Hayley is drawn to creative endeavors. She loves to hear and tell stories that form connections; it's the basis of her first choice of career in Music Education. She also enjoys providing a service where one is needed. All of these interests combined has put her on a very exciting path toward social media and other digital marketing.

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